7672satstretch2Sound/Movement Improvisation and Interdisciplinary Creation
A workshop taught by Susanna Hood and Nilan Perera, drawing on elements of the collaboration that has built much of the hum repertoire.

Each workshop day begins with a physical vocal practice to both prepare the body as an instrument for sound and to explore the integration of voice and movement as detailed in the above description. Woven into this warm-up are exercises and games in rhythm and sound improvisation drawn from a combination of Nilan’s practice and John Stevens’ “Search and Reflect” music workshop handbook. The day will then move into a broader exploration of strategies for interdisciplinary creation. At the heart of this process are tools for facilitating the meeting of movement and music through improvisation, where the two forms inform rather than accompany each other. This template for integrated creation between dance and sound can then be extended to include other disciplines such as visual arts or writing. Participants are encouraged to bring all their skills and tools into the act of creation at whatever level.

Ideally, we invite participants from both movement and music backgrounds to participate in the workshop, but the work can be catered to performers and non-performers of all backgrounds. This workshop is best structured over a minimum of two days.

topbarimageDialogues workshop
Essentially passing on elements of the process they have been cultivating for working together since 1998, Susanna Hood and Nilan Perera offer a workshop exploring improvisation in dance and music and tools for facilitating the meeting of these two art forms in improvisation. The format is aimed primarily to dancers and musicians, although all members of the community are welcome to participate. We would prefer to gear the workshop towards adults, but would be happy to adjust it to youth as long as they are all within a specified age range. Each participant, whatever their background, would get the chance to work separately from both a dance and musical perspective and then be brought together to put into practice a “dialogue” between dance and music.

allanaVoice and Movement workshop
Based on her extensive studies with such teachers as Richard Armstrong, Fides Krucker, Katherine Duncanson, and Anne-Marie Hood, as well as her own evolving creation process, Susanna offers a workshop in integrating vocal and movement skills. The format of the class draws on breathing and singing exercises, as well as improvisational games and scores to root the voice in the body, awaken the imagination and develop the body into an instrument for sound, word and movement. Depending on the participants, there may be some focus on pitch and singing and working a bit with text and/or song, as well as the use of visual arts as an intermediary link between voice and movement.