7751hum was founded in 2000 in Toronto by artistic director and principal performer, Susanna Hood. hum works take, as their base vocabulary, the immersive and co-dependent integration of movement, sound, text, theatre, and other media in the search for clear and provocative means through which to communicate and express vital (if elusively ineffable) human experiences.

The company was founded through the collaboration between Susanna and guitarist and composer, Nilan Perera. Together, they have forged, first, an improvisatory performance practice known as Dialogues. Furthermore, they collaborated on an acclaimed trilogy of dance works that were choreographed and performed by Susanna: still (2000), Waking en-dessous (2004), and She’s gone away (2006). Most recently, in early 2010, Susanna premiered Shudder, a trio inspired by the canvases of Francis Bacon, and featuring herself with Danny Wild and Alanna Kraaijeveld. For more information about these works, see here.

Susanna Hood is a recipient of a K.M. Hunter Award for Emerging Dance Artist, the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance in Dance, and the 2008 Victor Martin Lynch-Staunton Award for Outstanding Mid-Career Artist in Dance.

HUM Board of Directors: Gail Vanstone, Ron Gaskin, Angela Rawlings